Turn messy feelings into power & purpose.


Turn messy feelings into power & purpose.


“Fascinating new book! Beautiful! Colorful illustrations tell the story of a young girl who gets overwhelmed by her experiences until she figures out how to calm her thoughts and live in harmony with her feelings.”

—Jean Marzollo, author of New York Times best-selling I SPY! children’s book series

Is your light-filled little one struggling to cope?

What if you could catch a meltdown before it catches you?

It’s time to shine a healing light on meltdowns, and see what’s inside.

To help your little spitfire focus.

To unravel tummy knots, and let their light shine.

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Author and artist MC James will guide you in one of the most effective practices in her toolkit.

This is the technique that's worked for countless children in her 40 years of experience.


In the book, Thread Girl shows you how to make friends with meltdowns, one feeling at a time, so you can…

  • identify emotions
  • turn feelings into words
  • express creatively
  • develop self-understanding
  • stay grounded and present
  • focus inward and breathe

“Pediatricians now have a thoughtful and beautifully illustrated resource to offer their young patients with all manner of stress disorders.”

—Dr. Peter Gergely, Board-certified pediatrician

She illustrates the nuts and bolts of tantrums, and shows you how to turn chaos into a playground for creativity and purpose.

Parents, teachers, and therapists can use Thread Girl the Brave to start conversations about feelings, and nurture emotional literacy in children.

If you're at the end of your rope as a parent, this book will help you and your children embrace colorful moods and feel empowered.


Your child’s sensitivity is a superpower, once they have the tools to work with it.


Let’s lighten up!


“Thread Girl the Brave is a vibrant and honest book that speaks to overwhelming emotions that can affect us all, adults and children alike. The story offers creative, imaginative ways to organize the untied threads that are part of growing up. It is a remarkable, fun, and inspiring tale!”

—Kathy Curto, writer, professor, teaching artist


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“In this lovely tale, Mhairi James makes the complicated, and sometimes daunting cognitive process of identifying feelings, and then sorting and labeling them both fun and very doable for any reader. In addition, her plucky heroine, who is gorgeously illustrated, narrates a timeless story that is an enjoyable and valuable resource for teachers, therapists, and parents alike.”

—Sarah Berry Tschinkel, LCSW-R, LP | Licensed Jungian Psychoanalyst

"This book combines emotional power with aesthetic beauty. The illustrations and text brilliantly convey a message of hope and empowerment. I highly recommend it."

—Dr. Frank Rubenfeld, Co-Founder of the Bay Area Gestalt Institute

"Every person young and old who seeks to understand themselves should read Thread Girl the Brave. Mhairi James' elegant words and illustrations are inspiring and meaningful."

—Wilma Hawkins, RN Pediatric Nurse

"Brilliant! Teachers! This should be in classrooms!"

—Kacey Morabito Grean, 100.7 WHUD Host of Shine On Health and Happiness T.V. and Radio Shows

About MC James

MC James, author and illustrator of Thread Girl the Brave, has been exploring the nuts and bolts of meltdowns for over 40 years.

Mhairi James Headshot
Mhairi with her family as a young child.

She works with children navigating physical disabilities, special needs, and PTSD. As a Craniosacral Therapist and Registered Bach Foundation Practitioner, MC approaches emotions through a holistic lens.

Her playful style and childlike curiosity shine a ray of hope on overwhelmed little hearts struggling to cope. She lives nestled in The Hudson Highlands, one hour north of NYC.