Little Light Beings


Children learn their ABC’s and 123’s, now it’s time to learn their YOU’s and ME’s...

At Beaming In we honor children as blossoming light beings and offer practical resources to encourage self-understanding and introspection.

We explore the magic and mystery of inner space through fun, quirky meditations and visualizations, games, exercises and playful healing stories.

Together we create radiant stepping-stones through inner space.

And, help children to understand the inner language of their bodies along the way, one colorful breath at a time.

Let's make friends with the magic and mystery of what's inside.


How my little one grew to understand her emotions...

My daughter was a wild one, bursting with feelings. Her meltdowns were a flamboyant colorful chaos.

We didn't know how to help her with all of her emotions!

At times, it felt impossible to reach her and understand what she was feeling.

She was like a colorful volcano!

Finally, I realized what was triggering her meltdowns:

Too many competing emotions, and no way to differentiate between them.

She was simply trying to express her confusion and frustration, but didn’t have the words.

We began drawing bodygrams to help her identify what was going on. They gave her a colorful map into and out of her inner space.

First she drew shapes in her body, then images. Finally, she would tell a story about what was happening inside her.


At the same time, I was working with children who were in shock after being onsite and witnessing 9/11 as they walked to school.

They were overwhelmed, with too much to process.

To help these children, and my daughter, I needed a visual, visceral approach that went beyond traditional therapies.

We needed to give their bodies a voice.

So I began weaving healing modalities together: SomatoEmotional Release® techniques, craniosacral therapy, art therapy, Bach flower remedies and a whole lot of imagination.

Through my work with children, I was inspired to write Thread Girl The Brave, a book about navigating meltdowns.

From there, Beaming In was born.

I am so excited to share this work with you and your little ones. Thank you for being here.

With love and light,
MC James